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Brief introduction of Maha shivaratri:

Maha shivaratri is the main festival of hindus. This is one of the famous festivals of hindus. This festival is celebrated in phagun month on this day shiva devotees keep fast and worship lord shiva. This festival is celebrated with joy every year.                                  One of the legendary stories related to maha shivaratri is this. And this story is that sea churn was between the gods and the demons. Poison was also created from the sea churn. When lord shankar realized that this poison is harmful to the whole world, then lord shankar saved the whole world from the effects of poison and lord shankar kept that poison in his neck. It is also said that poison was so powerful that lord shankar was very sad due to poison. Goddess deities were told by Acharyas that lord shiva should not sleep. If lord shankar falls asleep, then universe may have to face a huge problem. Devi and goddesses danced different types by night. He also played loud music so that lord shankar could not sleep. In the morning, lord shankar was pleased with the devotion of devi-gods. And blessed them. Behind the celebration of maha shivratri, it was also an event.
On a large number of devotees worship the lord shivratri and decorate the shiva temples. On the day of maha shivaratri, worship of lord shankar is used for white flowers, milk, saffron etc. & Enjoy Now With 20 Happy Maha Shivratri Gif Images, Wish Pictures.

Maha Shivaratri Gif Image For Whatsapp & Facebook

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Top 20 Happy Maha Shivaratri Gif Images, Wish Pictures For Whatsapp

Beautiful Maha Shivaratri Wallpaper

Best Maha Shivaratri Gif Image Free Download

Top 20 Happy Maha Shivaratri Gif Images, Wish Pictures For Whatsapp

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Best Shiv Wallpaper For Whatsapp & Facebook

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Top 20 Happy Maha Shivaratri Gif Images, Wish Pictures For Whatsapp

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Happy Maha Shivaratri Hd Wallpaper

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