Mahashivratri Essay for School Students


You will get the Festival of mahashivratri essay, which all class of 1,2,3,4,5,6…12 and ffor class 1,2,3,4,5,6 ..12 and all school students can get complete information about Mahashivratri.

Mahashivratri Essay

Introduction :

The festival of maha shivaratri is celebrated with great festivity in india. This day is worshiped of lord shankar. It is said that on this day every devotee who worshiped with the true heart of lord shiva will remove all his sorrows, and also fulfill his wish. On the day of maha shivaratri, there is a special significance of worship of lord shankar. It is believed that all the death desires are fulfilled on this day, therefore a special ceremony of worship is held in the temples and lord shankar is celebrated.

Why maha shivratri is celebrated?

Have you ever thought why maha shivratri is celebrated? We make you aware of one of the legendary stories and you will also know why maha shivratri is celebrated. According to the beliefs of hindu religion, Lord Shivar and devi parvati were married on this day. On the day of maha shivratri people worship Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati in the temples. And people also marry in the temples of both, it is also believed that in the old tales, tell about the marriage of Lord Shiva and Deve Parvati. Therefore, it is a tradition that this festival is celebrated as the anniversary of the marriage of god Shiva and Devi Parvati.

It is also said in the old tale that lord Shiva and Devi Parvati had held seven rounds in front of agni in the mandakini place of Himalayas and it is also said that the evidence of this marriage is still seen there. The front of fire, lord Shiva and Devi Parvati married and on there, that fire is still today. Which is still burning there continuously. It is believed that in today’s time, if unmarried couple go to there, so their wish is fulfilled. On this day it is also believed that if there is a mistake in the past year, so you ask forgiveness from Lord Shiva . And it is also true that Lord Shiva is very kind and philanthropist.

Three important point of maha shivratri :

  1. Fast on Mahashivratri : Lord Shiva’s worship is very important on the day of maha shivratri, worshiping god Shiva on this day is blessed by lord Shiva. Even fasting Lord Shiva fulfills his desire. It is believed that if men observe fast, they get wealth and their paused work is also completed. If women keep fast, they get happiness and children, and the virgin girl wished to get a beautiful and capable husband. God is pleased by worshiping Lord Shiva in the right way. If god is pleased then Lord Shiva fulfills the desire.
  2. Way to worship : Before worshiping Lord Shiva, the first thing is that we should take a bath. That’s why we could be pure. First of all lit the Deepak kept in the temple sitting on the temple seat, also take the resolution of worship. After that first of all focus on lord Ganesha and Devi Parvati, now worshiping Lord Shiva, sit in his statue with a plate. After that, take the statue of lord shiva bath with Ganga water bath, ghee bath and even honey. Now offer clothes, flowers, garlands and balpatris on Lord Shiva. Now after this, Lord Shiva will eat small food, and now offer dakshina according to your desire and now Shiva aarti. In the last, if you have made a mistake then ask for forgiveness from Lord Shiva.
  3. Lord Shiva worship in temples : Devotees are going to visit the temples and for this reason there is a lot of crowd in the temples and devotees go to the temple on this day to perform special Puja of Lord Shiva, people worship lord Shiva only with worship material. And it happens that there is no arrangement of temple around some devotees, then such devotees worship lord Shiva in their home. After worshiping lord Shiva in the temple, the devotees sit and enjoy the maha shivratri program in the temples.

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