Happy New Year Speech and Essay 2019, Happy New year 2019

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If you are looking for speech and essay on new year’s occasion, then you will get the speech and essay according to you and your search will end also.Happy New Year Speech and Essay 2019, Happy New year 2019

New year’s celebration is a big celebration for everyone. It is celebrated very fond of the whole world. New year is celebrated on each 1st January of each year. In the whole world, new year is celebrated according to its local calendar. And and most of the world is celebrating new year every year on 1st January. New Year Celebration Everyone celebrate their way.

Way to celebrate new year

New year celebration commences from 12 o’clock on December 31. To celebrate the new year, the whole world community starts congratulating each other from 12 o’clock on December 31, so that there is no delay in congratulating the biggest celebration of the whole world. And we also want to tell you that new year’s celebrations are celebrated in the whole world as follows …

1. Celebrating new year by fireworks :

Fireworks are used throughout the world to celebrate the new year from 12 o’clock on December 31, bright colorful light appears in the sky. And From 12 o’clock on the night of 31st December it is such a sight that as if it is 12 o’clock in the day. Before new year, most people buy firecrackers so that fireworks can be used to show their happiness on new year.

2. Organizing new year celebration outside home :

Most people prefer celebration outside the home on new year’s day, for this day people buy new clothes already. So that people can wear new clothes and go out with friends and family on the new year celebration.Such people are already fixed before the new year, where should we go to new year’s day. And and they goes out to roam according to your thoughts. On this day, there is no restriction on the celebrate of going to outside house. Because it is a unique celebration that everybody wants to celebrate in their own way.

3. Celebrating party on new year’s occasion :

From 12 o’clock on December 31, people celebrate the new year by teaming up with each other. And have fun in the party in their own way. Some people create an environment like dj party by using music systems and flashing lights in their homes. And by doing this, the new year does not have to go outside to celebrate. Such people celebrate new year with friends and family at home. And there are some people who do not new year party in their home. People like to go out because such people are scared of family. And such people want us to celebrate the new year’s celebration with great enthusiasm.

Best Ways to give new year greetings

New year’s celebration remains enthusiastic for everyone, from 12 o’clock on December 31, people start to congratulate each other. And this idea remains in everyone’s mind that everyone wishes to give new year greetings to their loved ones. Everybody wishes new year wishes in their own way and some important ways are given below.

1. New year wishes through by greeting cards :

Greeting card has been used for many years to congratulate new year because this is the option of congratulations on new year that every person gives their emotions in a greeting card. And by giving a greeting card on new year, it also proves that the person who is giving us the greeting card at the new year occasion. What kind of feeling is there for us in his mind. Greeting cards are generally used more often in schools and colleges. Students gives colorful greeting cards with good design to his friends and loved ones on new year occasion. And the tradition of giving greeting cards continues for a couple of weeks of new year.

2. New year wishes through by the Internet :

In today’s world Internet is being used in all countries. Every country is engaged in competing to fully digitalized itself. Wishing new year through Internet, this is a great way to congratulate for new year’s celebration . Because Internet is used most to congratulate new year’s celebrations and its a simplest and best way. And through this, no person has to go to each other to congratulate new year. Because new year is congratulated by using computer, laptop, phone or other Internet device. And this is a good way to congratulate new year in today’s busy life. Using by Internet, time savings are also done. So you with your work, you can congratulate your loved ones.

In the last one, I want to say you that the coming year brings a lot of happiness to you and your family. And according to the previous year, your happiness will be increase a lot in the coming year.

Very very happy new year to you and your family !

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