Essay Speech on Christmas for School Students and Children


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Christmas is the largest sacred festival of Christmas. On September 25, there is a holiday all over the world. It is celebrated on December 25 every year.Because on December 25 god Christ (Jesus Christ) was born, Jesus Christ is also called the lord’s messenger. So, in the world, Christian community celebrates Christmas with their own customs, traditions, and devotion. In the joy of Christmas festivities, people of Christian community prepare to start preparing for about a month before.Decorate and decorate the house to look beautiful for Christmas. This festival is a tradition of giving cake to your loved ones. Special prayers and meetings are held in the church on this day. The churches are decorated with special light. Christmas is a very popular celebration festival for children because children get toffee or chocolate from Santa Claus.
Christmas tree is very important on Christmas occasion. Negative energy goes out of the house from Christmas tree and the positive energy comes in the house.

Ways to Celebrate Christmas Festival

People of Christian community celebrate Christmas in their own way people on Christmas day are very happy because this is the main festival for the people. And no human would want us to celebrate the Christmas festival, but there will be no shortage from our side, it’s a long wait. And the ways to celebrate some Christmas festival are as follows.

1. Sweets distribute to relatives and friends on Christmas occasion:

People of Christian community also give sweets as well as Christmas greetings, and on this day cake also has special significance. Cake and also give chocolates for children. On this day people greetings Christmas to each other by feeding cakes, enjoy Christmas celebration with each other.

2. Celebrating party on Christmas occasion:

New clothes wear on Christmas occasion, enjoy the party with each other. And such people have already decided that where should we go for Christmas party, go to the party with friends. And there are some people who create a party atmosphere at home. Like music system, d.J. They organize Christmas party using very nice color light. And in this Christmas party is also invited to best friends.

3. Celebrating Christmas in school:

The school also has its own style of celebrating Christmas. Christmas preparations begin in schools a long time ago. Programs are also organized in schools on Christmas occasions. Little children, wearing the dress of Santa Claus, enjoy on Christmas occasion. The games are organized on Christmas occasion in schools. In school, Santa Claus is to give chocolate to the toffee to the children. Children also enjoy Christmas celebrations with fun with Santa Claus.

Essay Speech on Christmas for School Students and Children

Ways to wish Christmas:

Christmas celebration is very encouraging for the people of the Christian community. On the holy occasion of Christmas, people congratulate each other on congratulations. And thinks everyone’s mind. Everybody wishes Christmas in their own way. And below are some ways for giving Christmas greetings.

1. Christmas greetings at each other’s house:

This is the oldest way to congratulate Christmas. In the old times when there was no service like the Internet card, people Christmas greetings at each other’s house. As time passed, new technology came. But this is the best way to congratulate people, because congratulating someone at home and it’s a very good happy environment for each other.
Cake is considered auspicious on Christmas. On this day cake and children have to carry toffee and chocolate. Cake has special significance on the Christmas festival. People have to go to each other’s house to greet Christmas and also to give a cake. Love increases in each other from this way, and celebrate the Christmas festival with each other happily.

2. Christmas greetings through Internet:

In today’s world Internet is being used in all countries. Every country is engaged in competing to fully digitalized. The Internet is most used to congratulate Christmas because it is the simplest and best way. Through it, no one has to go to each other for the best wishes for Christmas, because Christmas greeting is done using computers, laptops, phones or other Internet equipment and this is the best way to congratulate Christmas in today’s busy life, it also saves time by using Internet.

I wish to god that you and your family will get lots of happiness on the Christmas occasion.Very very happy merry Christmas to you and your family!