Essay On Raksha Bandhan for School Students


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(Essay On Raksha Bandhan)

Introduction :

India is a country of festivals. Many types of festivals are celebrated in india. Every festival has its own special significance in india. Various types of festivals are celebrated with the joy of celebration. Similarly, the festival of raksha bandhan is also one of the famous festivals of india, the festival of raksha bandhan is a bond of human feelings. This bond is a bond of love, sacrifice and action. Festival is a symbol of brother & sister love and thus there is a special importance of raksha bandhan. According to the hindu calendar, the whole moon of the month of savan is celebrated throughout india. Raksha bandhan is not only a festival but it is a symbol of the indian tradition, hence the festival is of great significance.

How to celebrate the rakshabandhan festival :

This festival is celebrated with joy and glee in entire india. On this festival, sister builds rakhi to her brother, and then the sister feeds on her brother with sweets. The sister expresses love for her brother and on this occasion the brother his sister to give a gift. After giving a gift, the brother promises to protect his sister. This festival starts from the morning on this day. The flowing waking up early in the morning, eager to tie rakhi to his brother. All year long awaits the arrival of this day by sisters.

Festival of rakshabandhan is being observed from the time of mahabharata :

It is believed that this festival is being celebrated since the times of mahabharata. When the draupadi was being disfigured in mahabharata then at that time no one was able to help them draupadi, and goddess draupadi was absolutely helpless, then at that time goddess draupadi called lord krishna. After praying to lord krishna by goddess draipati, god appeared in that whole assembly. Lord sri krishna played his full duty, it is therefore said that this holy festival of raksha bandhan is being observed from the time of mahabharata.

Four important points of the raksha bandhan festival

  1. Heavy crowd at the sweet shops : On the holy festival of rakshabandhan, there are large crowds in shops, and large crowds are also seen in the market. On the sacred festival of defense management, the sister feeds on her brother with sweetness. For this reason, the use of sweets is very high at the holy festival of raksha bandhan, many sweet items are kept at the sweet shop. Every single sister tries to bring good sweets to her brother. According to the shopkeepers, it is said that because of the high sale of sweet on raksha bandhan, sweets are prepared before day 1-2 already. So there is no effect of the sale on sweets on the festival of raksha bandan, also the festival of raksha bandhan from the indian festivals is such that there is a lot of sale of sweets on this festival. For this reason, there is a lot of rush at the sweet shop on this festival.
  2. Raksha bandhan celebrate at school also : In the joy of coming to the festival of rakshabandhan, preparations for the festival of raksha bandhan are started in schools. Children in the school are asked by the teacher to take part in this festival and children also look very happy in this festival. And children enjoy this festival with each other. To celebrate the festival of raksha bandhan in the school, children are asked to bring rakhi by teachers, it is also said that you have to bring a gift. In order to give the children gifts in exchange for rakhi tied in the school, and the next day, the children are asked to tie rakhi on the school by the teacher. After tieing rakhi, gifts are also given to small children. Similarly, in the schools, the festival of raksha bandhan is celebrated and children are very visible on this festival.
  3. Change format of rakhi : We all know that as time progresses, it is possible to change everything in every way and the festival of raksha bandhan has not been untouched by this change as there was a time when to see big rakhiyas on the festival of raksha bandhan. Likewise, big size rakhis and turned into small size rachis. It is also true that rakhi has become smaller size , but there is no shortage of brother and sister in love. We know that everything in today’s modern era is changing and this change is possible in rakhi. It may also be that digital rakhi can be seen in the market in the coming days.
  4. Colored rakhis sell at shops : On raksha bandhan festival is the biggest sale of the rakhis, due to this there is a lot of crowd in the shops. This day is very lively in the market and every year the new rakhi is seen on the festival of raksha bandhan. Shopkeeper to sell colorful rakhi, they keep the whole stock of rakhis in their shop. Because the shopkeeper wants that there will be no impact on the sale of rakhis on the raksha bandhan festival. The holy festival of raksha bandhan comes once a year and every sister has to wait for one year to celebrate this festival. When this waiting ends, every sister wants it and she brings beautiful and colorful rakhi to her brother. So brothers can increase happiness and the life of the brother will continue to shine like rakhi